The rules hereinafter set forth are promulgated and adopted for the purpose of governing or controlling in all respects that certain event known as the CATALINA CLASSIC MARATHON PADDLEBOARD RACE, conducted by The Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association, Inc.

Any matter or situation not specifically regulated or determined herein shall automatically be the subject of the judgment and discretion of the Race Directors and Committee. Their decisions made alone or in cooperation with the The Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association, Inc., as the case may be, with respect to those matters or things as to which this body of rules is silent, shall be binding and final.

There shall be no waiver of any provision or portion thereof embodied in these rules. Rescission or modification duly made of the rules herein shall in no way be construed as a waiver. Rescission and/or modification of the rules herein shall be effectuated only by the adoption of such proposals by two-thirds of the Race Directors together with the sanction of the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association, Inc. The presence of two-thirds of the total membership of the said Race Directors  at any meeting shall constitute a voting quorum for these purposes.

Any person shall be eligible to compete in the Paddleboard Race who in addition to the approval and acceptance of the Race Directors can meet the following qualifications:

(A)  18 years of age or older (copy of birth certificate may be required). Exceptions can be made with parental approval.
(B)  A Paddler may be required to provide a written Doctors approval to compete upon the request of the Race Directors.
(C)  Paddler must provide own escort boat; said boat must meet Committee minimum standards of Radio and Compass-USCG approved safety gear.
(D)  The Race Directors and appointed committee may require completion of one or more designated qualifying races. Placing and finishing times will be used to determine competency and competitiveness.

The Event
The Catalina Classic Marathon Paddleboard Race shall be conducted over a course approximately 32 miles in length, originating at the Isthmus of Catalina Island, thence directly to a buoy lying slightly off Palos Verdes Point, known as the PV-10 (or R-10) buoy, thence substantially parallel with the coastline in a generally northerly direction to the finish line immediately South of said pier as designated by the Race Committee.

The Paddleboard Race shall consist in two separate and distinct but simultaneously conducted and combined events. Competitors can choose to race in either of these two Classes:

(A) An Unlimited Class Race
(B) A Stock Class Race

An official and recognized competition between competitors shall exist only within each class.  Each class will be separated by men and women anytime there are 6 or more participants of each gender on a given board classification. There are no separate age groups.

The top (3) finishers within each particular men’s and women’s class shall be recorded and officially entered in the books and records of the The Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association, Inc.

Paddleboard and Equipment Specification
The paddleboard shall meet the following specifications:

(A) Unlimited Class
1.    Any dimension or weight
2.   Construction: All materials or substances are allowed inclusive of rudder and tiller.
3.   Single Hull Design
4.   No foils- No SUP’s

(B) Stock Class
1.    Twelve (12) feet, maximum length. Boards will be measured over deck.
2.    Construction: All materials or substances are allowed
3.    Stationary fins. No tillers. No Foils, No knee wells, No SUP’s

Paddlers shall be allowed to use chin rests, splash guards chest pads, compasses, time pieces, and such other apparatus as will promote the ends of safety, comfort, and navigation; provided however, that the apparatus shall in no manner contribute to, mechanically, manually or otherwise assist the paddler to propel themselves in the water by any other manner than agitation of the water with their hands and arms. No substitution of paddleboards will be allowed during the race for any reason.

The Race Committee reserves the right to examine and to inspect, including measuring all boards, before, during , and after the race and to approve or reject the same or any other apparatus proposed to be used by the paddlers.

Escort Boats

Each Paddler must provide their own escort boat; said boat must meet Committee minimum standards of having a Radio, Compass, and USCG approved safety gear. The right escort boat and knowledgeable crew are critical to a paddler’s success.

Starting Rules
The competitors will report to the Race Committee at the time and place designated, prior to the Race, for the following purposes:

(A) Sign-in to signify participation in the race
(B) The practicing of false starts.
(C) Briefing and instruction respecting the starting time, the starting line, the starting signal, safety of escort boats and identifying numbers to paddlers, the race course, the finish line, and such other advice as within the discretion of the Race Directors and Committee may be necessary and appropriate.
(D) Thorough familiarization with these rules so as to minimize or eliminated infractions or violations by paddlers by reason of misunderstanding.

The official Race Starter shall issue loudly and clearly the “Make Ready” order in advance of the starting signal, and all participants shall prepare themselves to initiate the race upon hearing or seeing the Starting Signal. Any participants, for good reason, may indicate to the official Race Starter, his or her desire that the Starting Signal be delayed, and the Official Race Starter will act upon such request according to his exclusive judgment and discretion, provided nonetheless that the Starter shall be responsible to the Race Committee for his or her judgment. No hindrance or interference shall be allowed between competitors involving either boards or participants.

2.  Touching a float, a buoy, escort boat, or other floating object shall constitute a foul, and a paddler committing this infraction may, within discretion of the Race Committee be disqualified for this act.

(a)  The  (PV-10) buoy must be passed with the left shoulder (paddler goes between Palos Verdes and the buoy).

3.   Paddlers shall at no time be any closer to the stern(s) of escort vessel(s) than 100 yards.

(a)  No drafting of any kind will be allowed by boat or paddler, to aid or hinder another paddler.

(b)  When paddling alongside escort the paddler must maintain open water of no less than 20 feet; exception – when accepting nourishment which must be concluded within 2 minutes alongside the vessel(s) and not the stern.

4.  Each paddler shall be allowed to take any form of nourishment he or she desires during the race, and the paddler shall furnish their own nourishment and feeding apparatus.

5.  Paddlers shall be permitted to surf on any wave but in doing so they shall not in any way block the normal course of any other paddler.

6.  Each paddler shall round the buoys or other markers that are set up to designate the race course as indicated by the Race Committee in the pre-race conferences, and escort boats shall stay outside of buoys so as not to obstruct or interfere with the paddlers or race course. All boats are required to stay 300 yards off shore.

7.  Disqualification: This penalty may be invoked for dangerous or unsafe activity, not following safety patrol boat instructions, or fouls which have disadvantaged another paddler or paddlers. It is typically only assessed after one correctional instruction or warning, but in extreme circumstances, it may be invoked with no prior warning.

Finishing Rules
1.    The finish shall be judged or determined by the order in which the bow tips (nose) of each paddler’s board crosses the designated finish line.

2.    The designated finish line shall be established at a point and in a manner immediately South of the Manhattan Beach Pier according to the judgment and discretion of the Race Directors and Committee.

3.    The finish of the race shall be in the manner aforesaid, and no paddler shall be required to emerge from the water afoot or carrying his or her board. This is a water finish.

4.    There shall be judges and officials at the finish line whose exclusive responsibility it shall be to identify the competitors in the order in which they finish the race, to record the name and       sequence of each paddler crossing the finish line, and to submit said information to the Steering Committee for final decision and announcement at the earliest possible time after the race.

5.    The official Race Timer shall record the total elapsed time of all paddlers completing the race and submit the same to the Race Committee for evaluation, recording, and announcement purposes.

6.    The Catalina Classic Marathon Paddleboard Race shall terminate nine (9) hours from the official start time. Paddlers will be evaluated by the race safety boats at the (PV-10) Buoy seven (7) hours from the start as it relates to their probability of finishing within the allotted time of nine (9) hours.

Officials and Judges
1.    There shall be a minimum of  five (5) Race Directors for The Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association, Inc.,

2.    The Race Directors shall within their judgment and discretion, create such committees and sub-committees as are reasonable and necessary for the efficient control and staging of the event.

3.    The Race Committee shall provide a sufficient number of safety patrol boats to enforce Race Rules, maintain safe navigation, and communications throughout the race.

4.    There shall be one Official Race Starter, who may appoint such assistants as deemed advisable.

5.    There shall be one Official Race Timer, who may appoint such assistants as deemed advisable.

6.    There shall be judges and officials and timers at the finish line of sufficient number to determine the order and sequence in which the paddlers complete the course.

Rule Violations
1.    All protests and complaints of rule violations or infractions shall be made directly to the Race Committee, safety patrol boats, a judge or other official whose responsibility it shall be to forthwith submit the protest or complaint to the Race Committee. In no circumstance will a protest be entertained by the Referee and Race Officials if it is not lodged by the paddler or his handlers before leaving the finish line area. Protests lodged on shore by coaches (or others) will not be considered.

2.    Decisions of the Race Directors or Race Committee as to matters of fact regarding the running of the race are final and not subject to dispute.

The foregoing rules governing the Catalina Classic Marathon Paddleboard Race having been adopted are hereby proclaimed the official rules by which the Catalina Classic Marathon Paddleboard Race shall be conducted.